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Our service is shaped around you
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Our service is shaped around you

Total dedication to each translation project

Each translation project is equally important to JK Translate. With care and attention, we ensure that each document is translated accurately and tailored to our clients’ specific needs. Our dedicated team of professional translators understands the importance of clear communication and cultural sensitivities. So that nothing gets lost in translation. Our personal approach enables us to deliver excellent translation results that meet the highest standards of quality and customer satisfaction.

Your Full-Service Translation Agency
for Professional

We can be brief when it comes to our team of professional translators. They are professionals who work with language and love to tackle linguistic challenges day in, day out.  We pride ourselves on our quality, reliability and customer commitment. With our expertise and dedication, we ensure that your translations are carried out accurately and professionally. Our team consists of experienced translators who specialise in specific fields and subject matters. We passionately strive to meet your translation needs and provide you with excellent service. For each individual job, we assign the most suitable translator. People with extensive experience and knowledge of your field, from legal to financial, from medical to entertainment, from application letters to CVs.

You can rely on us for all your translation needs!


What we guarantee

Expertise in various sectors

Our experienced team of translators provides specialised translation services for every industry.

Fast & accurate

We deliver translations fast and error-free, without compromising on quality.

Flexible solutions

Whether it concerns large projects or small documents, we tailor to your needs.

Satisfaction Guarantee

At JK Translate, we’re committed to your complete satisfaction, guaranteed.

Tailored advice

We adopt a personalised approach to each individual translation.

Professional translators

Our large group of experienced and enthusiastic translators and native speakers forms the beating heart of our agency.

Customer commitment

At JK Translate, we strive to meet the specific needs of our clients. Our service is fully shaped around you. We provide tailor-made solutions to help you achieve your goals. Customer satisfaction is our top priority, and customer commitment is therefore one of our core values.

What sets us apart from other translation agencies are our direct lines of communication. Our small project team maintains close contact with all our translators. Our clients always have a single point of contact within our project team: fast, efficient and personal. In addition, JK Translate offers a wide range of extra services to further distinguish itself.



As a translation agency, JK Translate is committed to providing translations of the highest quality. With our expertise and experience, we are here to help you with all your translation needs. Regardless of whether you need one page or an entire book translated. For every translation project entrusted to us, we select the right professional translator, who has the required knowledge and experience.

All our translators are highly qualified, with proven training and experience. The team at JK Translate works enthusiastically every day to meet our clients’ needs. For us, a job is not over until the customer is 100% satisfied.


At JK Translate, we attach great importance to reliability and confidentiality. Once we have identified your translation needs and requirements, we get straight to work and make sure we meet the agreed deadlines.

We treat our clients’ data with the utmost care. Our translators sign a declaration of confidentiality, which guarantees the confidentiality of the information provided. Within our translation agency, we have strict protocols for handling confidential information.

We use advanced security technologies to protect your data, and we keep your information only for as long as necessary. Any data that is not necessary to retain, is deleted after completion of the translation assignment. You can rest assured that your data is in safe hands with us.

We maken gebruik van geavanceerde beveiligingstechnologieën om je gegevens te beschermen, en overbodige gegevens worden verwijderd na het voltooien van een vertaalopdracht. Je kunt erop vertrouwen dat al je gegevens bij ons in veilige handen zijn.

business translations


We believe that the world of translation is without boundaries. Over the years, we have built up extensive expertise in various sectors, and we love using this expertise to help our clients. Our translation agency is powered by a large group of driven, experienced and enthusiastic translators and native speakers, who are the beating heart of JK Translate.

With our range of translation services in every conceivable language combination, we bring together a diverse group of people who each inject their own culture and ideas. This is the key to JK Translate’s success: building bridges between people, countries and cultures, resulting in exceptionally good translations.


Our procedure

Your document professionally translated within 6 steps

1. Request a quote
2. Free quote and confirmation
3. We assign your document to a professional translator
4. Translation and revision
5. Thorough quality control
6. Delivery of the translation
Request a quote

Tell us about your translation project! Fill in the quotation form, let us know your deadline, and – if possible – attach the documents.

Free quote and confirmation

You will receive a free, no-obligation quote from us so that you can make your choice.

We assign your document to a professional translator

We take into account the agreed delivery time when scheduling your translation.

Translation and revision

Our translators each specialise in their respective area of expertise.

Thorough quality control

Full quality control will be carried out by a translator other than the one who provided the translation.

Delivery of the translation

We will deliver the translation within the agreed timeframe. Sworn and certified translations are sent to you by e-mail and also by post, if required.


Custom quotes and full service

Our rates are calculated based on several factors: source and target language, delivery time, word count, subject area, and more. For each job, a custom quote is prepared. To get an indication of the costs, please use the module above. If you wish, we can, at an additional charge, arrange the legalisation of your documents for you at a court or consular service centre.
This makes JK Translate truly a full-service translation agency, where quality is always of paramount importance. We speak your language!


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