About us

JK Translate in Rotterdam has experienced phenomenal growth since its foundation; JK Translate operates worldwide and offers (sworn) translations for businesses and private customers and consist of a vast network of qualified native translators from all over the globe. The translation agency always stuck to their initial values and vision; JK Translate stands out from other translation agencies because of the short lines in communication. We know all our translators personally, and our clients always have one contact in our project team; fast, efficient and personal.

Our very personal approach to every single translation is complemented by the fact that we offer a full range of extra services. On top of that JK Translate is special because we do not shy away from challenges and deliver exceptional translations.

The large group of experienced and enthusiastic translators and native speakers is the beating heart of the agency. Because JK Translate offers translations in all languages, it is a very diverse group of people who all contribute their own culture and ideas. This is the key to the success of JK Translate: building bridges between people, countries and cultures, with exceptionally good translations as a result.

JK Translate – Bridging 2 Worlds!