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Certified Spanish Translation Agency

If you need a regular or certified Spanish translation, JK Translate is the agency for you. Spain, or Latin America for that matter, is a great destination for a sunny holiday – cerveza, paella and café solo need no introduction or translation. For everything else, our certified Spanish translation agency can provide you with professional regular, as well as certified Spanish translators who will deliver high quality translations. You can entrust them and our certified Spanish translations agency with all your documents, whether they are public or confidential in nature (e.g., mortgages, birth certificates, marketing materials, etc.). You can also be certain that JK Translate will offer you the best price possible. No matter who your target group is, our certified (or sworn) Spanish translators are able to get your point across and address your clients or customers in their native language and just the right tone of voice. Please contact us to learn how our regular and certified Spanish translators can be of service to you.

Sworn Translation Services

With JK Translate, you will have access to a pool of translators who can perform sworn translations for civic, legal, or academic applications in Spain. You will also need sworn translations for applying to a Spanish embassy. The Ministry of Justice, the Spanish Ministry of Foreign Affairs, and the Ministry of the Interior in Spain also require sworn translations. And that is why we are here to help you! We offer sharp prices and make sure our clients are happy about our translation services. Our 100% guarantee means that in case of need, your complaints will be taken to heart, and the translation proof-read for free! Our official translators in Spain are certified by the Spanish Ministry of Foreign Affairs, allowing them to translate official documents for use in Spain. They translate to and from Spanish, working with many languages of the world! We always assign official documents to be translated by sworn translators who are sworn in at the court in Spain. So not only do they produce the translation, but they also certify it and mail your precious documents to you within Spain or internationally.

Translations in All Fields of Expertise

JK Translate offers different types of translation services for many areas of expertise. To start with, we provide technical translations (e.g., instructions/user manuals). Technical documents can also refer to IT, industrial, mechanical, and engineering texts. You will need linguists specialized in the narrow scope of your required field of expertise. Our expert linguists are familiar with your specialized industry terms. Secondly, JK Translate offers financial translation services (e.g., bank statements, contracts) for those who work in the financial industry. Thirdly, our agency provides certified or legal document translation services. Many of our clients request legal translation services, as most of them need their documents translated and legalized for immigrating or studying abroad. Here at JK Translate, we have translated many corporate statutes, deeds/articles of association, warrants, certificates of good conduct, administrative texts, prenuptial agreements, death certificates, scholarship letters, wills, and testaments, to name a few. Our agency can offer you both translation and legal validation.

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Studying or Immigrating to Spain

If you are dreaming of immigrating to Spain, you will be required to translate and legalize your documents. That is when the services of a trustworthy agency cannot be underappreciated. Here at JK Translate, we offer a sworn translation service. This type of translation is required for official use of your documents in Spain. You have the following visa options for immigrating to Spain: 1. The most popular venue is applying for the wealth visa service. You will need to have enough capital to be able to apply for and receive this type of visa. If you are granted this visa you can live in Spain without the need to work. 2. The golden visa (or property visa) allows you to have residency in Spain if you buy real estate in this country starting with € 500,000. 3. A skilled worker visa enables companies to hire skilled talent from other countries. 4. The corporate visa grants an opportunity for companies to relocate employees from other countries to Spain. 5. An investor visa allows you to seek immigration to Spain through investing in businesses there. 6. A student visa will enable you to study in this country.

Free Legal Advice

You might be unsure which type of translation is required for which country. Choosing between a sworn and certified translation can be a brainer at times. So we are here to alleviate all of that hassle. Not only will you receive free quote at your request but also we will make sure you get the translation that you need. Therefore, we always keep an open line of communication with our clients, making sure we understand for which purposes and which country their translation is required. Spain works only with sworn translations – accurate translations authenticated by the stamp, signature, and the statement of the sworn translator. So, look for an agency that can offer sworn translators to you (who are registered at the court of their respective countries). What documents do you need to translate for being able to apply for a Spanish visa? It all depends on which visa you are applying for. However, here is a list of essential documents one needs to translate for visa application: Certificate of good conduct, Marriage certificate, Medical certificate, Proof of income and a Certificate of medical insurance.

The philosophy behind JK Translate

JK Translate was born to help out other people. From the very beginning, it was not just a priority to make money but to provide people with professional translations done at lightning speed and for reasonable market prices. The philosophy behind everything that is done at JK Translate can be identified by answering a single underlying question – how can we serve our clients better? That is why the idea was born to offer translation services to both private and corporate clients. Amid business, each client deserves our utmost attention. The next important step was for JK Translate to offer legalization services. Therefore we are there if you need an apostille or a legalization stamp. Moreover, we will go the extra mile in finding a translator for the rarest language combinations. Our translators will work around the clock to meet your deadlines. And you can always opt for an urgent translation option.

100% Satisfaction Guarantee

JK Translate stands by the principle to bring the best quality translation in the quickest possible way for a competitive price. Our guideline is your 100% satisfaction. What does this practically mean? It means that we meet your deadlines and bring the best possible translation, so your next step in life will be quick and easy. Our project managers work hard to make your translation and transitioning process as smooth as possible.

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If you need translation services, you can get a quote for your translation project from our website. JK Translate can handle a business projectpersonal translation services, and real-time translations for business meetings. Send us a message online if you have any questions about getting high-quality translation services from JK Translate.