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Do you require technical translations? Does your company need assistance in the technical translation of your technical documents? JK Translate can match your needs with the right technical translator who has up-to-date knowledge of the developments and the dynamics of our technology sector and the manufacturing industry. Our certified and sworn technical translators are keen on staying in the loop to be able to provide the best possible technical translation in any language you may need. Whether you’re in need of a Chinese translation or you want to translate in Italian, your instruction manuals, research and development reports, and other technical documents get a professional translation with JK Translate. When it comes to IT you can entrust our technical translation agency with your software programs, appliances, and manuals as well. Contact us by phone or e-mail and get your free quote today. Our professional technical translations at highly competitive rates will convince you that JK Translate is the technical translation agency for you.


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Translation and revision

Our translators each specialise in their respective area of expertise.

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Full quality control will be carried out by a translator other than the one who provided the translation.

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We will deliver the translation within the agreed timeframe. Sworn and certified translations are sent to you by e-mail and also by post, if required.


Technical translation services of JK Translate are of the highest level of quality. We offer the following technical translation services for you.

Software programs

When it comes to writing software, most writers use their main language. This is not because they are being too technical about it but because they need to ensure that they are comfortable with the language they use. Technical translation services that JK translate has to offer covers technical translation of technical documents and software programs. Software is always going to be a good kind of product for the use of the general population. The best thing that individuals can do about it is to get the service of the right technical translation services company. Did you write software? Do you need to get someone you trust to translate the program and how to use it so you can make that pitch? JK Translate is here for technical translation that you need.

Program manuals

Program manuals need to be translated properly if they are to be used by the general population. JK Translate offers the right technical translation services for anyone with just this kind of need. The technical translation services that we have to offer for writers of program manuals are one of a kind and of high quality. Technical documentation and accurate technical translations are done properly by our highly skilled certified technical translation specialists.

Operating instructions for devices/machines

If you have a need to provide operating instructions for your devices or machines, we are here for you. JK Translate offers a technical translation service for those who need to get their devices and machines to reach a bigger audience. Our technical staff are always on the ready to take in a technical document that we can take under our wing to translate. Quality technical translation is now always ready for you. All you have to do is to contact JK Translate to help you with your technical translation for documents. We can help you with technical documentation and document translation anytime of the day.

Work instructions

Do you have a multinational company? Do you need to provide work instructions on how to use specific machinery? Are you in need of a good document translation that will provide you with the peace of mind you need? Do you need a technical translation service that will not give you any problems in the future? Did you say yes to the questions posed? We can help you out. Here at JK Translate, we manage your technical documentation translation. We translate the documents you need to get translated, no matter how technical they may seem. No matter how hard the subject matter is, the manuals and your requirements will be properly translated. Our translators with experience on expert technical matters, manuals and scientific programs are always available to give you the help that only we provide. JK Translate can make your translation needs go away.


What our customers say


The team answered each one of my emails incredibly fast and were able to help me with my personal circumstances. Really good service!


Always willing to support with the best timings, fully trust on their work.


Specific IT Use

Do you have a program that is technical and yet specific for the needs of the company? Do you need to train your people in a  language where they are comfortable? There are some instances where your company may also need a technical translation for the specific way that a software or a program is used by the company. Let JK Translate provide you with the right assistance in this aspect.

Security Access

We are ready to provide you with a technical translation while ensuring that our translation services go beyond the technical and towards the practical. This is important especially for those who have lines and access data per security level. JK Translate is here to help you out.

Transport and logistics related documents.

You may also have some need for technical services related to transport and logistics. The translation to another language is not always available in other translation companies for technical documents, but we can provide this for you. Our services include translations for transport and logistics related documents.

Research and development

There are some research and development reports that also need to get translated. Here at JK translate, we understand the meaning of confidentiality and security of your data and information. We are here to help you get your document translated by our technical translators. Our specialized technical translators give value to your confidence and we will not let you down in terms of confidentiality and the trust that you have given us and our company.

Engineering documents

User manuals and services to your company’s engineering department can get pretty demanding. And we understand that you cannot always hire an in-house translator or move your in-house team to just translate documents to another language. Our services and our expertise in the industry of engineering is something that both the company and its employers will definitely appreciate. There are a number of companies and industries that need the help of JK Translate to provide them with the language translation that they have been needing. Both the client and the company will be happy with JK Translate. Our translators have knowledge of technical terminology that you would certainly appreciate more. Translations are always going to be available for any person but technical translations are hard. This is where JK Translate comes in.


Technical documents that need the right translations should be handled by the right company. Technical translation for your needs should be handled by a company that offers the best technical translation services for everything that you can think of.

Document translation need not be done by the main individuals who created the document. You only need the right company to do technical translation services based on your needs. This is where JK Translate can help you out.

Translating documents that are highly sensitive are our expertise.

More Documents

Cannot find what you are looking for? Contact us today and share your specific needs. We can provide you with the quote on almost anything. All you have to do is to contact us.

Client Satisfaction

JK Translate is not just a company that offers technical translation services, we also bring happiness to the clients because we go beyond the technical document and the technical translation that has been required of us.

Beyond Word Translation

We translate to ensure that the context, summary, and point of the technical document is translated or is reflected in the translation document. Our technical translation services are expert technical translations of the target languages. Our clients are happy with the documents we release and we cover the subject matter as much as we possibly can. We go beyond word translation. We ensure that we think of your company and industry that you are in for a fruitful production of a translated document.

Always Ready For You

The language services of other translation companies can be questioned, the translation process of other companies can be questioned, but as a company, we are always ready to get things done properly.

Competitive Pricing

The pricing at JK Translate is competitive. We make sure that we provide you the service that you pay for and more.


Our team of experts can help you out in everything that you need. The accuracy that our translation company can offer you is filled with expertise and consistency and accuracy. Engineering specifications, data sheets, user guides, and technology related problems on documents are a thing of the past once you get to know the translation company that is JK Translate. Contact us today to help you find the terminology and all your documents need to be met. Our services can bring you accuracy and quality and more. All your language translation needs are met with JK translate.


Your translation questions answered

What is a sworn translation?

A sworn translation is a translation carried out by a sworn translator. You will always receive the physical copy of the translation by post and the scanned document by e-mail. A sworn translator has taken an oath and is registered with the court as someone who is able to deliver truthful translations for a specific language pair. A sworn translation contains the stamp of the translator and his or her statement that the translation has been translated to the best of his/her ability and as truthfully as possible. You will need a sworn translation if a government agency or other official body requires a translation of an official document, such as your passport, driver’s license or diploma.

You will need a sworn translation for official documents that you have to show or submit to a government agency or other official body. If you are unsure whether or not a sworn translation is required, we advise you to check this with the authorities concerned. For use in the Netherlands, a sworn translation by a sworn translator registered in the Netherlands will be sufficient. For use abroad, you may also need an apostille or even legalisation at Foreign Affairs and the relevant embassy.

Strictly speaking, a sworn translation is not the same as a certified translation. A sworn translator is appointed in his or her personal capacity as a capable translator. By adding his or her stamp and statement to a translation, a translation is sworn. A certified translation means that the translation is certified by a third party as a true representation of the source document. This third party may be a notary, a lawyer, or a translation agency. Some countries, such as Portugal, do not have sworn translations and mainly work with certified translations. In the Netherlands, on the other hand, sworn translations are common. Are you not sure whether you need a sworn or a certified translation? Please feel free to contact us.

A certified translation is a translation that is certified by a third party as a true representation of the source document. This third party may be a notary, a lawyer, or a translation agency. Unlike with a sworn translation, a certified translation is not necessarily carried out by someone who is authorised by a court or government to translate official documents in their personal capacity. Some countries, such as Portugal, do not have sworn translations and mainly work with certified translations. In the Netherlands, on the other hand, sworn translations are common.

You can pay in several ways. For private customers we use payment links from Plink, part of Mollie. This is a secure site where a payment request can easily be created by a seller and paid by a buyer. When you click on this link you will see various payment options, including: iDeal, Paypal, Credit Card, Giropay, Bancontact and SOFORT banking. You can also pay by bank transfer. Please note: the processing time of a bank transfer can take a few days. We ask private individuals paying by bank transfer to send us a confirmation of payment, so that we can schedule the translation immediately. Business customers can pay by bank transfer or on request by credit card.

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