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professional translations
professional translations

Official Translation Services – Translation Agency JK Translate

Offical Translation Services

Are you looking for document translation services that translate texts and legal documents in a high-quality way while preserving the true message and tone of the source text? Then JK Translate is exactly what you need. Translations by a sworn translator in the local language of any country are our specialization. Our renowned translation agency is used by customers from all over the world!

sworn translator

Certified Translators

As a leading translation agency, we handle documents translation services in all conceivable language combinations at very competitive rates. The translation of your documents and the quality of our translation service is guaranteed by a team of highly-skilled, passionate translators from different language areas. We are known for our excellent service and can provide you with a certified translation of any kind in multiple languages. To avoid language barriers, we can assure you that all our certified translators translate in their native language.

Sworn and Certified Translations

Sworn translations in all languages

If a document needs to be translated for legal purposes, a sworn translation is often required. As a sworn translation agency, our work is to carry out sworn translation services. Examples include translations of personal documents such as passports, birth certificates, and marriage certificates, as well as official business documents, such as articles of incorporation and employment contracts. If you need to set up a business in Spain or you want to move to Spain for studies we can help you to get all the necessary documents translated by a certified translator Spanish. Besides Spanish we can help you with any other language.

Certified Translator Spanish

JK Translate has many certified  translators Spanish that can help you quickly to get the needed documents translated. Our sworn translations are accepted by the Spanish consulate!

legal translation services

Business Translation Services

For companies, law firms, and other business organizations, we often carry out larger translation projects. Whether you need legal documents translated for the federal government or for citizenship and immigration services, our certified translation services are here to stand by you. The work you need to be done is safe in the hands of a sworn translator. And if you are in need of interpretation services, we can help you too! Our interpreting services are renowned for their excellent service and can speak in the local language of (almost) any country in the world!

Other translation services

Not only have we translated many legal documents, brochures, and annual reports, but JK Translate is here to help you with all other types of business-related translations, no matter how large or small your project is. The translation of any document is in the safe and secure hands of our certified translators. Speaking about certified translation services, we also have extensive experience in certified translations of legal documents. Below you’ll find a short summary of all the work we do and the translation services that we provide for businesses.

Legal Services

Legal translation services are considered one of the most sought-after translation services for legal documents. We provide legal translation services that are necessary for bussinesses to get the kind of service that they need to translate legal documents properly, and in the language they require.

apostille and legalisation services

Legal translators

With JK Translate, you can get your documents translated properly. You can get legal translators to help you out. You get certified translation just the way you like it and just the way you need it. We do all kinds of legal translations and our translators are all sworn translators.  Of course you can always request a quote and see our competitive prices for yourself!

Financial translations

Are you in need of a financial translation? As an official financial translation agency JK Translate we provide translations for all documents of your administrative and financial management. Our translators are sworn and we can ensure you that we handle your financial documents confidentally. You came to the right place for a financial translation in the language you need!


Confidentiality is an important issue for your finance department. Our translators are professionals and handle your translation with absolute discretion.We are ready to translate all your financial documents; annual reports and annual accounts, budgets, administrative and financial reports in various formats, and the accompanying notes are in safe hands. Do you need a financial translation? Please don’t hesitiate to request a free quote!


What our customers say


I needed a sworn translation of a document in a hurry. What immediately impressed me was that there was someone available on instant chat about my needs, even though it was 22:30 in the evening, and I received a quote for the work within minutes. The whole process was extremely efficiently handled, and I was able to get the process underway almost instantly.


I would like to thank JK Translate for many high quality translations, efficient communication, quick response and fast deliver. The translations were successfully accepted at all the state institutions and work company. In future I will continue working with JK Translate with great pleasure. I would like to strongly recommend JK Translate to everyone.


Agreement translations

You can entrust our translation services with your agreement or contract, we will provide the most suitable (sworn) legal translator for you. An agreement is an understanding reached between two or more parties. A contract is a specific type of agreement that, by its terms and elements, is legally binding and enforceable in a court of law. Therefore, it is important that your agreement or contract is translated by an experienced professional legal translator to make sure each and every part of your agreement or contract is understandable and distinct to prevent costly misunderstandings.

Medical translations

JK Translate, as your medical translation agency, can provide you with a specialized translator you’ll need for your medical translations. Our very experienced certified or sworn medical translators make sure you get a professional translation for your medical documents in just about any language. Contact us if you need more guidance or if you have any questions. We are here to help you!


Since discretion is very important for your organization and your discipline you will want to choose a medical translation agency that handles your medical documents confidentially. Our medical translators will ensure that all that needs to stay confidential will stay confidential at all times. You can entrust your medical reports, patient files, clinical studies, and patient information leaflets of pharmaceutical products to our certified translation services. We also translate instruction manuals for medical machines and appliances.

Technical translations

JK Translate can match your needs with the right technical translator who has up-to-date knowledge of the developments and the dynamics of our technology sector and the manufacturing industry. Our certified and sworn technical translators are keen on staying in the loop to be able to provide the best possible technical translation in any language you may need. When it comes to IT you can entrust our technical translation services with your software programs, appliances, and manuals as well. Contact us if you need more guidance or if you have any questions. We are here to help you!

Our procedure

Your document professionally translated within 6 steps

1. Request a quote
2. Free quote and confirmation
3. We assign your document to a professional translator
4. Translation and revision
5. Thorough quality control
6. Delivery of the translation
Request a quote

Tell us about your translation project! Fill in the quotation form, let us know your deadline, and – if possible – attach the documents.

Free quote and confirmation

You will receive a free, no-obligation quote from us so that you can make your choice.

We assign your document to a professional translator

We take into account the agreed delivery time when scheduling your translation.

Translation and revision

Our translators each specialise in their respective area of expertise.

Thorough quality control

Full quality control will be carried out by a translator other than the one who provided the translation.

Delivery of the translation

We will deliver the translation within the agreed timeframe. Sworn and certified translations are sent to you by e-mail and also by post, if required.

Private Translation Services

As an excelllent professional translation agency, we provide any document translation for private individuals as well as for businesses. All your documents are written and translated by our team of certified translators who not only translate your document in multiple languages but also work accurate and fast within the given deadline.

Private individuals

For private individuals, we can provide a marriage certificate translation, or a birth certificate translation, but also legal document translations of death certificates or immigration documents. But that’s not all! We can also help you to translate resumes and cover letters so that you are well prepared when you’re applying for a job in a foreign country. Below you’ll find a summary of all of our private translation services:

Certificate translation service

Do you require a certificate translation? JK Translate has experienced certificate translators standing by to translate your certificate to any language. This written proof of a study completed with success is an important tool when you need to show your own qualifications for a job or a connecting study. Our experienced certified translators know the value of certificates, which is an important official document and will translate it very diligently. It might be a good idea to use a sworn translator if you intend to send your translated certificate to foreign government authorities. Order your certificate translation here or contact us for a free quote.

Diploma translation

Do you need a diploma translation? At JK Translate, we have the right language solutions available for this valuable document and we guarantee a professional and diligent translation. You successfully completed a study or a course, and you are proud of your accomplishment and your diploma. The regular and certified translators of our translation agency know how that feels and will use their experience and expertise to provide you with the best diploma translation. If you prefer, JK Translate also offers sworn translators for any language you need. So if you need  a certified translator Spanish or any other language get in touch with uys now.

Resume/CV translation

Your CV is your business card when you apply for a job (abroad), so more than enough reason to do a careful translation with the target language and the target country with business customs in mind as a top priority. “You never get a second chance to make a first impression” is very true in this regard. Our professional translators can make a good impression for you in any language, inside and out (content and presentation). Our certified translators can advise you about cultural differences and how to use them to your advantage.

Document translation service

JK Translate is your official translation agency for all sorts of documents. We can provide experienced certified or sworn translators in just about any language to translate a large variety of documents, for instance, contracts and other legal documentsannual financial statementstechnical manuals, advertising, promotional flyers and brochures, and even literature. These are only a few examples but our professional translators have seen all kinds of documents and can translate any document to the letter! When you travel to Spain you might need a certified translator Spanish to translate some documents for your visa application. JK Translate can help you with this sworn translation.


What we guarantee

Expertise in various sectors

Our experienced team of translators provides specialised translation services for every industry.

Fast & accurate

We deliver translations fast and error-free, without compromising on quality.


Whether it concerns large projects or small documents, we tailor to your needs.


At JK Translate, we’re committed to your complete satisfaction, guaranteed.

Tailored advice

We adopt a personalised approach to each individual translation


Our large group of experienced and enthusiastic translators and native speakers forms the beating heart of our agency.

Low rates and urgent translations

Quality and competitive prices

Quality is paramount in the translations we carry out. At the same time, we attach great value to offering competitive rates and a short turnaround for assignments. You’ll notice this, respectively, in the cost of your translation and the fast delivery time. If you would like your translation completed even faster, within one or two working days, you can request an urgent translation. Our translators are here to help you out!

Get a free quote!

Wondering what your document translation might cost? Or do you want to know how long it would take to get your legal document translated? Our high-quality service comes at a sensible price. We offer some of the most competitive rates compared to other companies offering translation services. We provide you with a translation of a document within any given time!

Below you can calculate the cost of a document translation by our translation services to get an idea of how long it would take approximately.

Low Rates

Grow together

What keeps our translation company going is our desire to help you grow faster. Our translators are here to help you with any request and deliver your message in almost any language. They are always available if you need to have a document translated. We work fast and accurate. This helps your company and ours to grow faster and secure more deals in Europe and abroad.

A Translation Agency That Gives The Best Results


As a proud member of the American Translators Association (ATA), we guarantee that your message won’t get lost in translation. The American Translators Association is the largest professional association of translators and interpreters in the United States with nearly 10,000 members in more than 100 countries.


On-demand Translation Services for a competitive price!

Competitive rates

We also offer high-quality language services at very competitive rates. We’re not only proud of the high-quality language services and expertise our sworn translators possesses. It’s also important for us to work fast and accurate. Not only will you get competitive pricing, but you’ll also get what you need within one or two working days. You only need to get in touch with us, and we’ll start translating your documents right away. Do you have any questions or do you need a quote for your business? Please feel free to contact us!

Apostilles and Legalisation


Translated documents are often required to have an apostille or a form of legalization before they can be used. In addition to our translation services, we also offer free advice concerning the required apostille(s) and legalization(s) of your documents. For a fee, we can arrange for your documents to be supplied with the proper apostilles and/or legislations and eliminate this hassle for you.


The documents will then be ready for use when you receive them from us and it won’t be necessary for you to visit the official agencies concerned. In most cases, this involves a court of law but in certain cases, it may also involve legalization by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs or a particular consulate or embassy.



We have a lot of experience in translating documents into different languages and specialized fields. Our team of certified translators originating from various different countries enables us to provide translation services to Russian, Arabic, Turkic, Chinese, and German among many others

Extensive Experience in Professional Translation

Quality and Accuracy

Quality and accuracy are central to the translations carried out by JK Translate. We, therefore, offer a satisfaction guarantee with our translation services. This means that we will gladly improve a translation service if it does not meet your expectations. Thanks in part to this satisfaction guarantee, our customers have given JK Translate a rating of 9.3! Some of our customer reviews can be read below.


A translation agency that guarantees satisfaction

We translate in more than 35 languages!

JK Translate has extensive experience in translating texts from different languages and disciplines. Because many of our clients are Dutch, we carry out many translations from and into the languages of neighboring countries. Think, for example, of English, German and French translations.

Fair price
Fair price

Many disciplines, even more languages

A smaller world, more translations

However, the world is getting smaller and the demand for translations from and to other languages is increasing. Our translators, therefore, come from many different language areas. This enables us, as a translation agency, to provide translation service into Arabic, Russian, Turkish and Chinese, among others.

We Cater To A Wide Range of Customers

We Cater To A Wide Range of Customers
We Cater To A Wide Range of Customers

For Businesses

We can accommodate small translation projects to the most complicated orders needed by large organizations, but with a quick turnaround time. Our quality translations have also provided a huge boost for several businesses across several industries around the world. We can also translate most legal documents, brochures, and yearly reports. We can also cater to sworn in and certified translations. So, whatever your business needs, we’re happy to assist you whether it’s large or small.

Wondering what your document translation might cost? Or do you want to know how long it would take to get your legal document translated? Below you can calculate the cost of a document translation by our translation services to get an idea of how long it would take approximately

For Private Individuals

Our translation services are also fit for people who want to translate their cover letters, resumes, and other personal documents needed when applying for a job. As a fully-established translation agency that has expert translators, we can also translate other documents like diplomas, marriage certificates, passports, etc. So, you’d never have to worry about translation services ever again as we offer guaranteed solutions!

Wondering what your document translation might cost? Or do you want to know how long it would take to get your legal document translated? Below you can calculate the cost of a document translation by our translation services to get an idea of how long it would take approximately

Experience seamless language transitions like never before.

Dive with us into a world of linguistic expertise

Urgent translations
Accurate results
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