Why Your Business Might Need A Translation Service

Why Your Business Might Need A Translation Service

When you own a business, there are plenty of individuals and companies that might convince you that you need certain services. For example, if you own a restaurant, there might be those who suggest that you hire a consultant to help you navigate the industry. Similarly, if you own a nightclub, there might be some professionals in the industry that tell you to invest in sufficient security.

There are also times where you have a platform or company that can actually go global. We know that the world is becoming more globalized than ever, and what is preventing you from entering various markets around the world? There’s a good chance that there is a language barrier that might be preventing you from making profit. Here are some reasons why your business might need a translation service to help grow significantly.


It has never been easier or cheaper for individuals to travel the world, and more people are doing so than ever. Of course, there are so many businesses that have to cater to foreigners as a result, especially in a metropolitan city that might rely on tourism more than most. If your business does not have properly translated documents for these particular tourists – they might choose the competition.

If you’re a tour guide that has documents in a language that tourists understand, it’s easy to see how they might be more comfortable choosing your business over the competition. They understand more about what they are receiving for their money. International tourists want to understand what they are paying for, and a translation service can help in this respect, whether it’s a leaflet, restaurant menu, or otherwise.

Advertising Mistakes

You may own an established business and feel confident about entering foreign markets. After all, you have already been successful, so what’s stopping you from growing? However, you might find that your slogan or advertising copy actually translates to something offensive in the new country. One famous example of this is KFC, whose slogan “finger lickin’ good” backfired in China in the 1980s specifically because it ended up translating to “I’ll eat your fingers off”. It’s easy to see that the company certainly sent the wrong message due to a translation fail, and probably lost millions as a result.

Legal Documents

There are many that already consider legal language a bit complicated and intense, which is why the phrase “legalese” is often used. If you aren’t a lawyer, there is a good chance that you might not understand all of the terminology utilized when it comes to the law.

This is even more important when it comes to foreign countries, which often have varying laws. There is no telling the kind of mistakes that can be made if legal documents aren’t translated correctly, which is why a translation service can help save your organization an untold amount of time, effort, and money.