Translation in a Global World

The field of translation is changing rapidly. That’s largely because of the process of globalization where communications fly at the speed of light. We are now used to ordering products, having conversations and doing business through platforms with a global reach. We know much more about other people and cultures than we did before the emergence of the Internet, and it shows! It used to be that translation was an occasional need for people to do business internationally. Now translation is a part of our daily lives, because people on other continents seem nearly as close by as our neighbors down the street. At JK Translate, we are anticipating those changes by creating a modern fully functional translation program that you can access on the web. We want to make your search for professional translations as easy and hassle-free as possible.

Different languages
Our always ready translation service covers 35 world languages because we realize that our customers need a more diverse set of services. In addition to European languages from Dutch to German to English to Greek, we offer translations to and from Russian, Arabic, Chinese, Spanish and much more. Take a look at our full list of languages on our website to understand which kinds of translations you can get from this professional shop. We have added languages according to demand from a customer base that wants to communicate no matter what national boundaries apply.

Different Types of Translations
We also know that translation jobs vary quite a bit according to the use case. You have less formal translations for non-technical communications between parties or marketing and sales materials. You also have translations that are needed in a formal and official capacity, where we provide sworn and certified translations as well as apostilles as a form of legalization. We understand that when policy and procedure is involved, the format and quality of translation both make a difference.
Every nation has its own customs and procedures, and translations need to fit the process. Our employees have a broad knowledge of how to translate in the context of national official guidelines and policies.

Easy Online Translation Services
Our interface is also part of what our customers love about our translation service. Right from the landing page, you can get an easy quote by selecting your source language and target language. Just point and click! We do the rest to help you facilitate quick and easy translations that focus on the accuracy and results you need.

In addition, we are certified by the American Translators Association and utilize our own internal quality assurance methods to make sure that every translation is perfect and on time.

See what you can get from JK Translate to make your next project a breeze. We are proud to offer the premiers translation service available over the “global Internet.”