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Translation Agency

The world has become a much more connected place since the internet has made it easier than ever for businesses to work with international companies to get the things they need. It’s become more critical than ever for businesses to work with a high-quality translation agency to ensure they’re making the best connection with clients who speak another language. JK Translate is one of the best translators in the industry, with services for businesses of any size. We can help you translate to more than 35 languages.

Sworn & Certified Translations

JK Translate offers both sworn and certified types of translations. Some countries require only sworn translations for official documents. For some countries, a certified translation is enough. So what is the difference? First of all, a certified translation differs from regular or simple types of translation (when it is not for official use). The word certified points to the certification process. JK Translate can offer certified translators because we are a certified translation agency that also works with certified (authorized) translators. JK Translate produces together with the translation a statement by which we claim that the translation is a truthful and rendition of the original file. Sworn translations are “sworn” because a translator takes an oath or swears in at the court of their respective country. JK Translate offers such translations to many clients, as some countries (e.g., Spain, Italy, Germany, France etc.) require sworn translations for official documents. You can count on our sworn translators as they are under the penalty of perjury, and therefore, very trustworthy language experts.


Translations into all Languages

JK Translate provides translation services for more than 35 languages! Whether you need a French translator, English translator, German translator, a Spanish translator, a Chinese translator, a Russian translator, or somebody else, JK Translate has many native translator that can help. Our team of language experts can translate your messages in a way that nothing gets lost in translation. To receive high-quality translation services, you need to hire translators who are fluent in foreign languages and have the upper hand on the cultural peculiarities. All of this will affect how your message is received. Our translators are committed to helping you succeed with your official paperwork and have the most pain-free transition period. Our sworn and certified translators are here to help you deal with all types of legal documents for official use. We, as an accredited agency, do not shun away from difficult texts of rare language combinations. JK Translate offers both regular and urgent options for translation delivery. We make sure you receive both a soft and a hard copy for your official documents within 1-2 days.


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Different Fields of Expertise

Are you looking for a translation solution service for your instruction manuals, banking statements, birth certificate, articles of incorporation, or wish to translate all the content of your website into a foreign language? Our certified translation agency JK Translate is ready to help you out. We offer translations for all the documents in major language pairs of the world. We also provide various fields of expertise (types of translations) sworn, certified, legal, medical, technical and IT translations. Moreover, we work both with big companies and private clients. Each client matters to us! Most of our clients request sworn or certified translations for their legal documents. We mainly work with European languages (e.g., Dutch-Spanish, English-Polish, German-French, Italian-English, etc.). JK Translate also offers translations for rare and more exotic language pairs such as English-Indonesian, Dutch-Creole, Russian-Portuguese, Chinese-Polish, Japanese-Italian, Korean-Spanish, etc.). Our native linguists offer a full package: translation and proof-reading so that nothing is lost in translation! Your documents will be handled professionally and confidentially.

Official Document Translations

Whatever type of text you need a translation for, JK Translate will deliver a well-polished product. Do you need your company’s articles of association, chamber of commerce extract or general terms and conditions translated for doing business overseas? Has an opportunity presented itself in a neighbouring country, enticing you to move there, and do you now need your birth certificate, diploma or proof of residence officially translated? Or do you want your website, study materials or piece of creative writing translated to share with the rest of the world? Then look no further and request your free quote today. JK Translate is also a translation agency that can provide sworn translations for the major languages spoken around the world.  A sworn translation is when a document is endorsed by the signature and seal of a Sworn Translator who is authorized by the Foreign Office to translate official documents. These are sometimes called public, legal, official, or certified translations. A translation agency that offers sworn translation must be high caliber because the work they produce is regarded as having formal status by the authorities.

High Quality Translation Agency

Businesses and individuals that need help from a high-quality translation agency should consider working with JK Translate. We have affordable prices. Our translations are always accurate. Instead of relying on the often shoddy translations from Google Translate, make sure you’re communicating effectively with foreign markets by letting the professional translators at JK Translate handle the language barrier for you.  JK Translate is a translation agency you can trust.

Business and Private clients

JK Translate is a translation service for business professionals and private individuals. Many businesses use translation services for international marketing, website copy, financial translations, and more. To our private individual translation services, we offer services that include document-, resume-, driver’s license translation, and more. We can also provide live translators for real-time meetings. Simply the best translation options for your business.

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Whatever your translation needs are, JK Translate is here to help. We have affordable rates that make high-quality translation services available to everyone. Send us a message online if you have any questions or if you’re ready to get started with a translation project.