If you are planning to move to Portugal and find a job there, we congratulate you! Portugal is a beautiful country. If you need a Portuguese translation for business purposes, we will gladly assist you in finding the right sworn translator. All our regular and sworn have extensive knowledge of Portuguese culture, markets, industry and trade. Sworn translations profit from that knowledge when it is appropriate for the translation to reflect the differences between your country and Portugal in order to get your message across. Official documents, such as:

on the other hand, have to be translated literally, there is no room for personal or cultural interpretation. You will find our rates for sworn translations very reasonable. Please don’t hesitate to contact us for a free quote or more information.

  • Certified Translation
  • As a corporate ATA member, JK Translate offers certified translations. Our translations are accepted by US institutions.

  • Sworn Translation
  • Our sworn translators are registered at courts in various countries. Their translations contain a signed and stamped statement.
  • Translations
  • • by sworn translators in Europe
    • by sworn translators in Brazil
    • certified according to Portuguese law

Certified Portuguese translations

Certified translators are sworn in a court of law. Their translations are always accompanied by a declaration including a stamp and the translator’s signature to confirm that the translation is an exact rendering of the original document. This way you can be sure that the Portuguese authorities will accept the translated documents. In the large network of regular and sworn translators our official translation agency has built there is always a translator available immediately if you need an urgent translation.

Translations from any language to Portuguese

JK Translate offers regular and sworn translation from translators who are trained in translating from a large variety of languages. Many of our certified translators are able to translate from two or more languages to Portuguese. Combinations may include

  • Spanish – Portuguese
  • Portuguese – Spanish
  • Italian – Portuguese
  • Portuguese – Italian
  • English – Portuguese
  • Portuguese – English
  • German– Portuguese
  • Portuguese – German
  • French– Portuguese
  • Portuguese – French
  • Ukrainian– Portuguese
  • Portuguese – Ukrainian
  • Russian– Portuguese
  • Portuguese – Russian
  • etc.

These language pairs specific to Portuguese translators are not the only ones our official translation agency can provide. For every target language, there are numerous combinations and pairs. If you don’t see the target or source language you need in our overview in the right sidebar, please contact us. It is impossible to show all languages for which we offer regular and sworn translations. Another concern of yours might be about confidentiality. Many official documents are sensitive, confidential or even classified. Both our regular and sworn translators and our staff are aware of the importance of observing complete confidentiality and will act accordingly.

Certified and Sworn Translations for Portugal and Brazil

Portugal: there is no list for sworn translators in Portugal. The government would always require a certified translation. That would mean that the translation is certified by a lawyer or solicitor.

Brazil: the term “sworn translator” is not used in Brazil. Instead, the term “official translator” is used to refer to a professional who has been authorized by the Board of Trade (Junta Comercial) of the state where they are located to provide official translations.

In both countries they would also accept sworn translations performed by foreign sworn translators. In this case they would often require an apostille stamp on orginal documents and/or the sworn translations.

Official and other documents

It is up to you to choose between a regular and a sworn translator Portuguese. Our certified translation agency offers advice and can make a case for either one, but in the end the decision is yours. Our regular translators provide accurate and professional translations but when it comes to official documents, for instance for Portuguese authorities, the fact that a sworn translator translated the documents increases the probability that the authorities will accept them. Documents that profit from a certified translation are, amongst others:

Other business papers or job applications may not require a sworn translator but in many cases you only get one chance to make a good first impression with the recruiter or the business owner the documents are meant for. The fact that you made the effort to have them translated and that they are accompanied by a declaration of the sworn translator may be a true added value and open doors for you that otherwise would have remained closed.

Want more information or a free quote?

Do you need more information about our translation agency, our regular and sworn translators and the way we work? Don’t hesitate to contact us, we will answer any and all questions you might have so you can make an informed decision. If you decide to get a free quote you will receive it within 2 hours, during as well as after business hours and weekends. Urgent translations are no problem for our flexible translators, they will expand or adjust their working hours to deliver your translation within the agreed-upon deadline. Our prices for regular and sworn translations are always competitive. Get your free quote today!