Greek is definitely not foreign to our sworn translators Greek. All of our translators are qualified professionals with a lot of experience and expertise in many areas and lines of business. If you entrust our official translation agency with your documents, we will take care of everything while offering the best possible service. JK Translate is known for the flexibility of its staff and translators and our certified translators Greek are no exception. They provide the client with an accurate rendition of the original document and are always willing to go the extra mile, for example working nights or weekends, if necessary, to finish an urgent translation on time. They can deliver a sworn translation of such documents as:

just to name a few. Contact us to learn more about our sworn translations Greek.

  • Certified Translation
  • As a corporate ATA member, JK Translate offers certified translations. Our translations are accepted by US institutions.
  • Sworn Translation
  • Our sworn translators are registered at courts in various countries. Their translations contain a signed and stamped statement.
  • Soft and Hard Copy
  • You will always receive a soft copy of your sworn/certified translation. We can also send you a hard copy by mail upon request.

Our certified translators are part of a great(er) network

No man can do it alone. This is definitely true for our official Greek translation agency and our translators. That is why we are very fortunate to have such an extensive network of regular and sworn translators in the Netherlands, in Europe and even on other continents. Our sworn translators complement each other with their experience in and knowledge of various lines of business and other areas; this way we are always able to find exactly the right sworn translator for your documents.

All languages are part of our work

A big part of our daily work is about European languages that are not Germanic, or non-European languages, such as:

And, of course, Greek with its beautiful Greek alphabet, the first alphabetical script in history with distinct letters for vowels as well as consonants. But for everyone who doesn’t know the Greek language, our certified Greek translation agency can provide regular and sworn translators to assist them, whether they need business papers or private documents translated to Greek. We are able to get a translator for any and all language pairs containing Greek as target language, for example Russian – Greek or Polish – Greek. If your source language is not on our list, that doesn’t mean we have no translators for that language. Please contact us, we will find the best sworn translator for you. We will leave no stone unturned but usually that won’t be necessary thanks to our network and our connections around the globe.

All sorts of documents are part of our work, too

Our certified translators make it their job to accumulate experience and expertise to be able to assist all kinds of clients with translating all sorts of documents. Sworn translators learn and study all through their working life to keep up with the most recent developments in all areas. This is how they get to be experts, bringing more to the table than just language skills or being a native speaker. These are the basis on which they build their ever expanding knowledge and also broaden their range of services. And our official translation agency gets to profit from that as well, which means that we can expand, too. Examples of official documents our sworn translators Greek can translate for you are:

  • Purchase agreements
  • Terms and conditions
  • Theses

All legal, technical, financial and medical translations are in good hands and our sworn translators as well as our staff will treat your documents with strict confidentiality.

Call, write or simply click to get a free quote for a Greek translation

You can contact us by phone, email or by using the quote or urgent translation form on our website to get more information about the sworn translations Greek we provide or to get a free and non-binding quote. You will receive the quote within 2 hours, even after business hours and during weekends. JK Translate knows what it feels like to be on a tight schedule and our staff and our regular and certified translators will assist you in meeting your deadlines. We also know that you might be on a tight budget, that is why we offer competitive and affordable rates, even for priority translations. Get your quote now!