Yes, Germans are very accurate and punctual, and yes, our sworn translators German are too. They are, after all, native speakers and will deliver the most accurate sworn translation as possible while keeping the agreed-upon deadline. Of course, this is true for all our translators, regular or certified, and for all languages. JK Translate is the go-to translation agency for all private documents and business papers you need translated to German. A certified translator German is the right choice for any legal, financial, technical or medical translation involving documents, such as:

Choosing a sworn translator is always sensible when it comes to official documents which may have a substantial positive or negative influence on your business and personal life. For all big and small decisions and the papers that go with them our official translators German will provide a high quality, professional and completely confidential translation at a reasonable price.

  • Certified Translation
  • As a corporate ATA member, JK Translate offers certified translations. Our translations are accepted by US institutions.
  • Sworn Translation
  • Our sworn translators are registered at courts in various countries. Their translations contain a signed and stamped statement.
  • Soft and Hard Copy
  • You will always receive a soft copy of your sworn/certified translation. We can also send you a hard copy by mail upon request.

Sworn translations for Germany, Austria and Switzerland

Every sworn translator German in our extensive network of translators is a native speaker and sworn in a court of law and can provide translations which take into account the differences between the German language used in Austria and Switzerland and Hochdeutsch (standard German as used in Germany). The certified translator can even pay attention to the smaller differences between the north and the south of Germany if you want them to. However, when it comes to official documents, for example for German authorities, this is not necessary.

Certified translations from all languages to German

One of the advantages of hiring JK Translate for the certified translations you need: not only do we have a large network of regular and sworn translators in our own country, the Netherlands, but also in many other countries throughout Europe and even on other continents. That means that we can offer translations from all languages to German, for example:

  • Spanish – German
  • English – German
  • Chinese – German
  • Portuguese – German

Even if you don’t see your language in the sidebar to the right it doesn’t mean we don’t have a regular or sworn translator for that language. It is just not practicable to mention all languages we offer. If this is the case please contact us and we on our part will contact the certified translator you need who will go to work for you as soon as possible or, in case of a priority translation, immediately.

Sworn German translations for official documents

German authorities often are accused of using too much red tape. Whether that is true from the standpoint of the Germans doesn’t matter if you are making your home in Germany or decide to apply for a job there. Certain official documents simply have to be translated to German, otherwise they will not be accepted by the German authorities. In this case it is always prudent to use a sworn translator who will sign off on the translation with not only their signature on the translation itself but on an accompanying declaration including a stamp as well. German authorities will definitely accept that. These kinds of documents may include

  • Passport
  • Driver’s licence
  • Birth certificate

Businesses that want to expand to Germany will also have to handle their share of red tape and are urged to choose a certified translator German for the translation of business documents such as permits and financial statements for the German IRS.

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… or just contact our official translation agency by phone or email. As soon as we receive your inquiry we will get to work and send you a free and non-binding quote within 2 hours. We always have regular and sworn translators German standing by who can start translating your documents immediately, even after business hours and in the weekend. The prices we offer are nothing short of competitive, even for urgent translations. In today’s 24/7 economy JK Translate wants to provide you with the best translation and the best service possible. So don’t hesitate to contact us to find out if we are the translation agency you are looking for.