Private individuals

We offer both regular and sworn translation services in any language combination. In principle, we are able to translate anything you need.  The list below is an abbreviated summary of the types of documents we translate just to give you a general idea of what we do. We can provide you with a translation of your:

Please click here to view more examples of translations we offer. Besides our translation services we also provide additional services such as legalization of documents and regular and sworn interpreters.

  • Sharp prices
  • Due to our large group of professional translators, we can translate your text at a sharp rate. The prices further depend on the length of the text, the translation combination, the scheduled delivery date and the level of difficulty.
  • Certified and regular
  • As a translation agency, we provide certified and regular translations in all translation combinations. Our large group of translators enables us to provide translations in all subject matters.
  • Certified/Sworn translation
  • The certified translation consists of three elements connected to each other:
    1. the certified translation
    2. the original document (often a scan)
    3. a stamped and signed declaration from the translator