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Legal Translation Services for All Languages

Legal translation services are considered as one of the most sought after translation services for legal documents. Legal translation services are necessary for many individuals to get the kind of service that they need to translate legal documents properly and with the right language they require. The legal translations of JK Translate is second to none when it comes to providing the best kind of certified legal translation services. If you want a professional legal translation company to help you with your needs, you can always look at what JK Translate can bring you as a professional legal translation company. With that, this article aims to provide information on how individuals and businesses can get the right legal translation services and how you can get the right legal document translation services that you may have been looking for.

Our procedure

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3. We assign your document to a professional translator
4. Translation and revision
5. Thorough quality control
6. Delivery of the translation
Request a quote

Tell us about your translation project! Fill in the quotation form, let us know your deadline, and – if possible – attach the documents.

Free quote and confirmation

You will receive a free, no-obligation quote from us so that you can make your choice.

We assign your document to a professional translator

We take into account the agreed delivery time when scheduling your translation.

Translation and revision

Our translators each specialise in their respective area of expertise.

Thorough quality control

Full quality control will be carried out by a translator other than the one who provided the translation.

Delivery of the translation

We will deliver the translation within the agreed timeframe. Sworn and certified translations are sent to you by e-mail and also by post, if required.


What we guarantee

Expertise in
various sectors

Our experienced team of translators provides specialised translation services for every industry.

Fast &

We deliver translations fast and error-free, without compromising on quality.


Whether it concerns large projects or small documents, we tailor to your needs.


At JK Translate, we’re committed to your complete satisfaction, guaranteed.


We adopt a personalised approach to each individual translation.


Our large group of experienced and enthusiastic translators and native speakers forms the beating heart of our agency.

The Right Legal Translation Services

JK Translate is the right legal translation company. We ensure that our clients get legal translations or their legal documents the right way. We translate legal documents through a legal process and with the help of our legal experts. The legal translators in JK Translate take legal translation seriously and you will find that the legal documents you sent to us are properly translated to suit the needs of the clients. Our legal translations go beyond legal translations, we do certified legal actions and certified legal translations to help our clients. With JK Translate, you can get your documents translated properly. You can get legal translators to help you out. You get certified translation just the way you like it and just the way you need it. The documents are also good and we only provide you with professional translation.

Legal Translation Services for Private Individuals

The legal translation services that many businesses need are based on the legal document translation and the certified legal need that they may have. The legal affairs of law firms may need to get professional legal translation services for their clients, companies, and individuals alike. Legal affairs are not only reserved for companies and foreign-language articles of incorporation. Individuals are confronted with documents such as wills and testaments or tax forms throughout their life. If family members live in several countries or if you decide to move to another country, legal translations of these documents will be necessary at one point in time or another. This is where legal translation services and legal document translation services come in. This is where JK Translate can bring you and your company translation service from a quality legal translation company.

Our legal translation services for individuals

JK Translate’s services do not begin and end with accurate legal translation. We provide a free quote on your documents and we make sure that the certified translation services that you need from New York or from any foreign language will be properly translated.

For Your Family Members

Translating legal documents for the benefit of the family members is one of the main reasons why law firms get translation legal services and certified translations. Translation legal services are the new hot trend to protect families and to provide for their translation needs in whatever languages and in whatever quality will work best for them.

We Carry Legal Translations Of Many Languages

The language of the professional legal translation service that we bring can carry any foreign language and bring accurate translations anytime, this is the JK Translate way. Your legal documents are certainly taken care of when we provide you with the right certified translation that you may have been looking for. We provide you with information so you don’t have to.

Specific IT Use

Do you have a program that is technical and yet specific for the needs of the company? Do you need to train your people in a  language where they are comfortable? There are some instances where your company may also need a technical translation for the specific way that a software or a program is used by the company. Let JK Translate provide you with the right assistance in this aspect.

Legal Translation Services with Professional Translators

Translators who know what they are doing are hard to find. Here at JK Translate, we provide translation services from the legal field that a lot of our customers have been searching. If you are looking for legal translation services that aims to provide you with services in the legal field, a legal translator from JK Translate is certainly what can help you out in this time. Your legal translation needs are addressed with the help of professional sworn translators from JK Translate.

When It Comes To Legal Translation Services, Our Translators Are The Best

JK Translate offers the best Legal Translation services online. Our smooth transition of any language to English translation and English to any language are sought after translation services that could certainly help many individuals who are looking for the right document translation or English translation services. Our translators range from professional translation speakers to professional legal minds who can handle accurate translations with ease. Our legal translation services are truly one-of-a-kind, professional, and high-quality translations all the time. We have worked for a law firm and we have made sure that you don’t have to look for any other transitions that are not present in our translation company. From official documents to legal documents, we have exactly what our clients would need per word or per document. Turning a document from any language to another language with accurate and professional service is no longer a problem with our certified services that one cannot find anywhere else. Keep in mind that getting a high-quality sworn translator to provide the right legal translation services is not something that you would easily get online. However, JK Translate actually offers this kind of service to our clients and we are here to help you with your need for the right legal translation services.

Translations of employment contracts

Employment contracts now need to be ready for anything – even a legal translation. If you work for an international company and are relocated to an office in another country, you might need to get legal translation services for your employment contract. If you are an international company, then you probably need the help of a legal translation company to help you out with legal documents and legal translations of employment contracts.

No More Corporate Dilemma

JK Translate can help you get over the corporate dilemma that you may have and provide certified translation of the support you need to understand the legal contract that you have. It is often a problem of many corporations having to deal with problems with their foreign or international employees when the employment contract is not properly translated. Our legal translation services is ready to help you!

Proper Company Policy

What does corporate say about tardiness and their policy on smoking? If you work in New York where the language is English, you should have no problem at all. If you work in another country, let say China, you may need a Chinese translation service like JK Translate to provide you with a certified translation that is accurate and suited for your specific needs. Let our legal translation services provide you with the right kind of help that you need for your legal documents. Get the best kind of experience that can help you out. Get that legal document that you need to have to properly protect you and your business from any problems that may come your way.

Legal Documents Translation, Anytime, Anywhere

Our team at JK Translate is always happy to assist you anytime, anywhere, we are here to support. The experienced legal translators of a good legal translation agency that offers legal translation services are happy to assist you with any and all legal translations to make sure you have one less thing on your to-do-list to worry about.

business translations

Business Translations

When you own a business, you should make sure that you properly protect it. There are many businesses and industries, all of them different, and all of them have their own particular documents and their own special requirements for translating them. Many translators specialize in a certain industry, branch, or field. They know everything there is to know about it, expand their expertise continuously and consistently and are able to provide skilled translations.

The Translation You Need

In the field of legal translations there are various subcategories of documents such as organizational documents and international trade documents. Whenever you need a legal translation for these or other documents, it is essential to find the right legal translator. Our official legal translation agency is here to help. If you have a need for legal translation services, you will definitely benefit greatly from the best legal document translation and legal document that could make you happy.

Accurate, high quality legal document translation

Legal documents of businesses need legal translation services especially when the individual is working on an international scale. Quality translations are always going to help an individual with his business needs. Getting a professional to deal with corporate matters is one thing but getting quality and accurate translations are always necessary for those who want to get their team to a whole new level. We can provide the best legal translation services and accurate translations for your needs. There are many documents that you will need to focus on and the best way that you can do it is to make sure that your target language is also compliant with legal terminology that would be accepted in court. Accurate legal translation services are necessary and we must always get professional translation services legal that law firms and a translation company can offer. Articles of incorporation, a translation service, certified legal services, and all other services from law firms come from legal translation services unlike any other. At JK Translate, you are sure that you and your business are taken care of always. You are sure that you will get the right kind of help that only the best translators can do for you. Get in touch with our company today and you will not regret it. You get the best service at the right pricing available.

May The Law Be With You!

When it comes to translation legal or the documents that you need to be translated, there is no flexibility. There is no room for creativity or willful interpretation when it comes to legal translations, the title above will be the only creative pun you’ll find on this page. Legal documents have to be translated with care and caution and a lot of expertise because the mistranslation of even one simple sentence can potentially lead to disastrous ramifications. The legal translator has to be a native speaker of the target language and have extensive knowledge of the legal system of the target country, but they also need experience with the legal system of the source country as well as a keen understanding of the source language and the legal terminology. Are you keen to find out what the legal translation of your document would cost you? Just use the button below, go to our Rates page and fill in the form to calculate a price estimate. Do you like what you see? Let’s make it legal.

Urgent Legal Translation Services in 24 hours

Whether you need a legal translation for your business or in a private matter, sometimes the normal lead time of a translation is just too long. Although the normal lead times JK Translate offers are always short in themselves and our translators are used to working fast as well as accurate, sometimes it’s necessary to shift into a higher gear and work nights and/or weekends to get the right legal translation services that you need. JK Translate provides the translation legal that you need at the right time. Our services take into account that you may have specific needs within a specific time frame that would require not only our efforts but our focus as well.

Legal documents in every language

We will definitely be able to get you the best kind of legal translation services that you would need. We translate legal documents as our priority and our certified legal translation is definitely something that a lot of people have looked forward to having and experiencing. Spanish to English translations, court documents translations, anything that you may think of as part of the menu legal translations, JK Translate can provide for you. A non-disclosure agreement is also available in the languages that you may need, from English, Spanish, German, Russian, and everything else in between, we got it for you. JK Translate brings our translators and our team to prioritize your needs. For those who need to have legal translation services, JK Translate is the company that can bring you a certified legal translation and a certified legal translation service that is not like any other. Our translators know and are certified in many languages and we can provide a service that you may have been looking for. Every part of the translation process of our legal translation agency has been optimized for speed and convenience for our clients. Don’t hesitate to inquire about the details, we’re here to assist you. Looking for a different field of expertise? Click one of the links below.

Sworn or ATA Certified Translations

If you are dealing with a government translation or you are looking for services to ensure that a government body will accept your document in a foreign language, JK Translate is here for you.

Our Translations Are Professional

For legal translations it is usually necessary or even obligatory to have them done by a sworn translator, for example court documents and transcriptions, immigration documents and birth and death certificates. For many translations, though, there is an alternative.

ATA Membership

JK Translate is a corporate member of the ATA, the American Translators Association, which has its own certification program. An ATA certified translator has passed the difficult and extensive ATA exam and earned their certificate, a highly respected and recognized credential in the translation industry.

Do you want to know more about the advantages of having JK Translate as your legal team for your court documents and whatever else you may need? You may contact us today and get in touch as soon as possible so we can help you out.

You Own Your First Home? Congratulations!

It’s such a great feeling, isn’t it? You searched the internet, went to see a few (or more than a few) homes, finally decided on the perfect one for you, made an offer, got your offer accepted, signed the contract and now you’re the proud owner of your first home abroad in a country you’ll move to because of work or private circumstances.

The Process Is Up and Down

The process is often easy when the sale has not yet gone through but how do you ensure that you still get a service that you deserve after you have signed the dotted line? JK Translate ensures that you understand your contract. Our translation service carries many languages. Now, you need all those official documents which come with a new home translated to your native language, either for a notary or a government agency or for your own dossier. Our legal translation agency is here to help. Just contact us, and we’ll get it done for you.

Legal Translations Services for Terms and Conditions

As a legal translation agency, JK Translate is a business. To put it simply, we are in the business of selling translations, and we need terms and conditions to govern the transactions between our clients who buy the translations and our translation agency.

International Work

We work internationally, therefore our terms and conditions have to be translated into English and maybe one or two of the most translated languages such as German and French.

Authenticity Guaranteed

Although our terms and conditions state that the Dutch original is the authentic version and will prevail in the event of a difference between the original and the translation, the translation, of course, has to be flawless. Our legal translators, sworn or certified, provide that flawless translation. Legal translation need not be another pain that you have to deal with because JK Translate is here.

Last Will and Testament

Have you ever wondered how you can get the property of your departed loved one if the last will and testament is in another language? JK Translate is here to translate to English or any other language that would suit your needs. We have a legal translator whose main goal is to ensure that your needs as a client must be met at all times.

Disposition After Death

Death and property disposition is not an easy subject matter, but one that has to be addressed and arranged, preferably ahead of time. If members of your family live in two or more countries where different languages are spoken, it is not just convenient but necessary to get somebody’s last will and testament translated. Inheritance law and its consequences may vary and have to be taken into account.

Legal Translation

Our legal translators can assist you to translate based on any needs that you may have in terms of the legal field. Our legal translators are able to translate based on your needs as they have extensive knowledge about these matters in the source as well as the target country. You can entrust them with your private documents, they will keep them completely confidential.

JK Translate Is Here

At the end of the day, keep in mind that JK Translate is here for you. Whether you are looking for the right legal translation company or whether you are looking for something else, we can help. The translation services that we have to offer are topnotch. We take our work very seriously to ensure that you will no longer have to worry about your document in a foreign language. Our work is accurate and the legal terminology that we follow also follows the rule of the law. We can provide you with a translator who knows what he is doing and who can help get you the right documents. We offer a service, provide certified translation, and all you have to do is get in touch with us.

The Best Legal Translator

Are you looking for the best legal translator? Do you need, for example, legal translations Spanish? Here at our legal translation agency you will find the right translator for your legal document. We work with certified and sworn legal translators who would love to use their legal knowledge and experience to your benefit in just about any language.

The Legal Translation You Need

Your legal department provides the legal framework for all other departments in your company to work and function within – a very important task. Our qualified and efficient legal translators assist you with this task by delivering high quality legal translation. All of your contracts, financial documents, agreements, articles of association, terms and conditions or any other legal documents are in good hands with our translation agency. All of them are handled discretely and confidentially by our employees and legal translators.

Competitive Pricing

You cannot put a price on excellent legal translations; translations you can share all over the globe without having to worry about their quality. However, our legal translation agency is able to offer you highly competitive pricing. By competitive, we mean that we beat out the competition. Let us provide you with a translation to English or from English that must be accurate and in compliance with the requirements in the legal field. Contact us today for a free quote.


Your translation questions answered

What is a sworn translation?

A sworn translation is a translation carried out by a sworn translator. You will always receive the physical copy of the translation by post and the scanned document by e-mail. A sworn translator has taken an oath and is registered with the court as someone who is able to deliver truthful translations for a specific language pair. A sworn translation contains the stamp of the translator and his or her statement that the translation has been translated to the best of his/her ability and as truthfully as possible. You will need a sworn translation if a government agency or other official body requires a translation of an official document, such as your passport, driver’s license or diploma.

You will need a sworn translation for official documents that you have to show or submit to a government agency or other official body. If you are unsure whether or not a sworn translation is required, we advise you to check this with the authorities concerned. For use in the Netherlands, a sworn translation by a sworn translator registered in the Netherlands will be sufficient. For use abroad, you may also need an apostille or even legalisation at Foreign Affairs and the relevant embassy.

Strictly speaking, a sworn translation is not the same as a certified translation. A sworn translator is appointed in his or her personal capacity as a capable translator. By adding his or her stamp and statement to a translation, a translation is sworn. A certified translation means that the translation is certified by a third party as a true representation of the source document. This third party may be a notary, a lawyer, or a translation agency. Some countries, such as Portugal, do not have sworn translations and mainly work with certified translations. In the Netherlands, on the other hand, sworn translations are common. Are you not sure whether you need a sworn or a certified translation? Please feel free to contact us.

A certified translation is a translation that is certified by a third party as a true representation of the source document. This third party may be a notary, a lawyer, or a translation agency. Unlike with a sworn translation, a certified translation is not necessarily carried out by someone who is authorised by a court or government to translate official documents in their personal capacity. Some countries, such as Portugal, do not have sworn translations and mainly work with certified translations. In the Netherlands, on the other hand, sworn translations are common.

You can pay in several ways. For private customers we use payment links from Plink, part of Mollie. This is a secure site where a payment request can easily be created by a seller and paid by a buyer. When you click on this link you will see various payment options, including: iDeal, Paypal, Credit Card, Giropay, Bancontact and SOFORT banking. You can also pay by bank transfer. Please note: the processing time of a bank transfer can take a few days. We ask private individuals paying by bank transfer to send us a confirmation of payment, so that we can schedule the translation immediately. Business customers can pay by bank transfer or on request by credit card.

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