Legal Advice for Free

Apart from offering translations, JK Translate also provides legal and commercial translation services. In fact, we give legal counsel for free! Legal advice relates to the realm of law. In the area of translation, our clients receive legal counsel when they are in doubt about what legalization steps, they need to take for the translations to be valid and accepted under the jurisdiction of relevant countries.

Just like commercial, legal translations are needed for all spheres of business and daily life. We have clients from walks of life coming to us, whether it is a law firm or an insurance company or EU Institution.

We offer legal translation services for both private and corporate clients. Sometimes, translation is not enough, as there is a certain legalization procedure that needs to take place.

If you need to translate your legal documents, you always need to choose a service of CERTIFIED TRANSLATION from an accredited translation company. Only in this case you can rest assured that your documents will be handled professionally – they will both translated and edited by experts in the field. JK Translate offers both SWORN TRANSLATION SERVICE and the so-called CERTIFIED TRANSLATION SERVICE (some countries don’t require a sworn translation of the documents and a certified translation service will be sufficient for official use. The USA is in this category).

Indeed, North America is one of our growing client segments. It is no secret that Americans need often a visa to go to Spain. Our translators are registered at the Ministry of Justice in Spain. As a result, the US Consulate will accept their translations in the USA.

JK Translate offers both a soft copy and hard copy. We send a hard copy by express mail within 3 business days. You will be able to receive a soft copy within 1-2 business days!

Our company guarantees confidentiality when handling your documents from the very beginning of our collaboration. Request a Quote?