Did you know that Ukraine is the largest country (in regard to its surface) located in its entirety in Europe? It’s probably safe to say not many people in Western Europe know that – except our regular and sworn translators who are native speakers and lived or live in Ukraine. They are part of the extensive network of regular and certified translators our official translation agency has at its disposal. Are you planning to visit Ukraine or live, study and/or work there? Then our sworn Ukrainian translators can help. They will translate personal documents such as your passport and your application letter. If you’re an entrepreneur intending to do business in Ukraine, our certified translators can translate your business papers such as business or marketing plans, enabling you to not only make a good first impression but also to let your potential Ukrainian relations know that you are serious about a cooperation. Contact us to get a free quote now! With our affordable rates and added value services we’ll do our part in starting or expanding your business in Ukraine.

  • Certified Translation
  • As a corporate ATA member, JK Translate offers certified translations. Our translations are accepted by US institutions.
  • Sworn Translation
  • Our sworn translators are registered at courts in various countries. Their translations contain a signed and stamped statement.
  • Soft and Hard Copy
  • You will always receive a soft copy of your sworn/certified translation. We can also send you a hard copy by mail upon request.

Certified translation services Ukrainian

There are differences between Eastern and Western Europe, in culture, education and religion. Markets work in a slightly different way and people respond differently to  ads and commercials. Our certified Ukrainian translators take all of this into account when translating your marketing, sales and PR documents. On the other hand, they will make a literal translation of any official documents you need for Ukrainian authorities. Our translators are sworn in a court of law, either in the Netherlands or Ukraine, and add a declaration including a stamp and their signature to the translation as a guarantee that it is equal to the original.

Regular and sworn translations to and from all languages

Along with Ukrainian our official translation agency offers regular and sworn translations to and from all languages. We can only show the most common languages on our website; If you don’t see the language you need in the sidebar or the menu, please contact us. We can provide translations to and from any language. Amongst those languages are

  • English – Ukrainian
  • Ukrainian – English
  • German – Ukrainian
  • Ukrainian- German
  • Polish- Ukrainian
  • Ukrainian- Polish
  • Dutch- Ukrainian
  • Ukrainian- Dutch
  • etc.

Our translators can translate any document from these and other languages to Ukrainian or vice versa. Both our regular and certified translators are very experienced and deliver high quality translations. They continuously and purposefully expand their knowledge of different lines of business, industry and trade along with their professional expertise. Whether you should choose a regular or sworn translator often is decided by the kind of document that needs translation. Official documents should be translated by a certified translator.

Immigration Documents

If you are applying for a visa or immigrating to an English-speaking country and need to provide translations of documents such as visas, passports, and residence permits, you may need a sworn translator to provide a certified translation that is recognized by the authorities. JK Translate offers all language pair.

Official and non-official documents

Non-official documents are for example

  • Articles and blogs
  • Brochures and flyers
  • Ads and commercials

Usually you don’t need a sworn translator for this kind of documents, a regular translator has the experience and the expertise to provide a perfect translation. There are exceptions, though; you might, for instance, want to go with a sworn translator for an in-depth blog about legal matters. Official documents, especially if you need them for foreign authorities, should be translated by a certified translator; these might be

  • Deeds
  • Certificates
  • Bank statements
  • Identity documents

Authorities are more inclined to accept these documents if you can hand over the declaration of the sworn translator proving the translation is a truthful rendering of the original. If you need more information or help deciding whether to use a regular or a certified translator, just contact us and we’ll be happy to answer your questions.

Our quotes are free of charge

If you want a quote for a regular or sworn translation you can contact us by phone or email or use one of our online forms. You will receive a free and non-binding quote within 2 hours. We always have regular or sworn translators standing by to start translating immediately in case of a priority translation. In today’s 24/7 economy this is what you may expect. We also offer additional services beyond the ones mentioned on our website. So be sure to ask if there is anything we can assist you with, our rates will remain competitive and reasonable. Contact us now!