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Chinese Translation Service

If you are searching for quality regular or certified Chinese translators to provide Chinese Translation Services. JK Translate can provide one for you. The characters of the Chinese writing are called logograms, a rather nondescript term for the beautiful little paintings they actually are. The Chinese culture is as diverse as the Chinese characters. Our native speakers and regular and certified translators are very experienced in both, offering high quality regular and certified translations from English and Dutch. If you are in business with Chinese enterprises, our certified Chinese translation agency will assist you and make sure that your documents are translated to flawless Chinese, taking into account the field, market or line of business you’re in. Also, if you need a regular or certified (sworn) translation in a private matter, our translators as well as our staff know how to deal with confidential documents (for example passports or tax returns). Please ask for a free quote; you will be pleasantly surprised by our reasonable prices.

Translations into Any Language

The Internet has made it possible to reach new audiences and engage with foreign clients. The languages that you see on translations are often done by experts who know what they are doing and are working hard to do what they do.

If you are starting a business that wants to get the world’s attention, keep in mind that it is your online presence that will increase both your brand’s global visibility.  Chinese translation services are here to make sure that you reach an even higher market with a global mandarin to english translation and English to mandarin translation.

While JK Translate can do Chinese to English translations, and vice versa, we also have the ability to translate Mandarin to another language that the client might prefer. Simply send us a message and we will look into the kind of service that we can provide for you.

Translation of Official Documents

Official documents are there to create new venues for our life. We all know their importance when we need to apply for a visa. The whole hassle of finding the right translator can be exhausting.

What are the official documents that you may need to know more about?

JK Translate can offer you all kinds of services: translation, certification, and legalization. We offer legitimate translations for many official documents such as medical certificates, mortgage deals, prenuptial agreements, banking statements, diplomas, grade transcripts, wills, forensic reports, patents, affidavits, etc. Whatever you need, we are here to offer our services to help you.

If you are moving to China or doing business in China, you do not always need to understand Traditional Chinese, you just need to hire the right translation service that could help you in your business needs. English to Chinese translations as well as Chinese to English translations are definitely going to help you out in terms of what you need.

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All Fields of Expertise

China is the second-largest economy in the world. This means you need to seriously consider translating your content into this much-read language. Whether it is website localization or technical translations, you need a good translation technology to help you out. JK Translate is here to translate your textual content into Simplified or Traditional Chinese or the other way around.

JK Translate offers translations for many important fields of expertise, among which the medical, legal, technical and financial areas.

JK Translate offers the best kind of English to Chinese and Chinese to English translations that can carry a good kind of experience for many individuals. Your documents are in good hands. But do not take our word for it, let us translate for you and see the results that you have been looking for.

Professional Chinese Translators

JK Translate brings Chinese translators that are professional and well-versed in Simplified Chinese and in Traditional Chinese. We bring a translation service that goes from Chinese to English and English to Chinese and back. If you need a free quote or you have a need for a certified translation service, you will love JK Translate’s certified Mandarin language translation.


The service that we offer is something that you would certainly love and appreciate. There are many companies out there that are able to bring different languages and different solutions to many individuals.


If your company wants to do business in the United States, you can get a Chinese to English translation. If your company wants to do business in China, you can easily get an English to Chinese translation through JK Translate.

JK Translate for All Your Translation Needs

Do you need a translation of your marriage license or a scholarship award letter? We are here to meet your challenges and catapult you into the new bright chapter of your life. If you are looking for quality-driven expert human translations for the Chinese language, you have found the perfect translation partner. At JK Translate, you will find top-notch service, accuracy, speed and client assistance.

Medical Field

For those companies in the medical field, you will find the right solutions through documents that are moved from one language to another. You can have a project on clinical trial translations, your medical reviews or medical researches, and even your other medical projects. But it will not work as well if you do not get it properly to a language that may work for your target market.

Legal Field

There are also those individuals who work in the legal field and who would love to gain insights on legal precedents of other countries. International law firms or law firms with international clients would love the idea of getting their solutions, no matter how technical in nature, to be translated on a global scale and this is made possible in the legal field by JK Translate.


If you are moving to another country, if you are adopting from another country, if you need to have a legal document translated, JK Translate can do just that for you. Our team of legal experts and technical experts are here to translate your documents. Hire JK translate for legal translation services!

Financial Field

There are also those who would love to have financial documents translated. If you are applying for a visa in China, getting your documents translated from your native language to Traditional Chinese is an end goal that you should have in mind. It is certainly something that could help you get your visa quicker and faster unlike any other step.


Financial documents are not just about the numbers, they are about the context. Here at JK Translate, we make sure that no word gets lost in translation and that every single word, even in the financial field or in its financial context gets the right translation, just the way you deserve it to happen.


The financial field may have its own languages – being numbers and constant – but we know that you may also want context and studies translated. This is exactly where we can help you out.


From getting the numbers to make sense to correctly translating the conclusions related to accounting and the like, we can help you out.

Technical Field

There are also some companies that want to focus on their technical projects. If you have a Mandarin project, you can get the technical documents translated from English to Chinese and Chinese to English. Whether your need is more of a Simplified Chinese or a traditional Chinese, JK Translate can provide a Chinese translation service to meet you and your needs.

JK Translate Tackles All Types of Documents

JK Translate can handle all kinds of documents from or into Traditional or Simplified Chinese. From Shanghai to Beijing, from Chengdu to Hong Kong, wherever you come from or are going to, we can make sure your documents are up to par. You can count on us to deliver you timely and quality translations.

Legal documents and technical documents are definitely hard to translate if you do not know the complete context. Our team of experts ensure that all of your documents are translated properly and with the right context. In translation today, context and custom is everything. We do not simply take a word and translate it. We make sure that we show what the original text actually means.  From manual guides, instructions and articles of association to mortgage deals, personal letters and medical documents, we got you!

We Work both with Corporate and Private Clients

Whether you need a sworn or certified translator for personal or corporate reasons, do send us a quote request. We are here to help you in any area of expertise: medical, legal, financial, IT, you name it. JK Translate can offer you bilingual or even multilingual professional linguists at any time.

Our project team managers are apt and quick to send you a free price and time estimate quickly! Get a free quote today and let us help you with your localization and translation needs!

Leading The Pack

JK Translate is the world’s leading spoken and written language translator. We carry all languages and we only seek the world’s best spoken language and written language experts. Speakers from all over the world are hired to make sure that nothing gets lost in translation and nothing ever does.

Business Focused Goals

The company JK Translate knows what every person wants in terms of his business – you want globalization. Being able to reach an even bigger market is such a blessing that comes with a lot of hard work and determination.

Of course, the global language of trade is English. If you want to trade properly with the right people, you should do so with the right kind language. If you are also looking at trading to China, and you speak English, you need to be able to access the chinese language.

There are now the English translation services that focus primarily on Chinese translation services. Mandarin is also in high demand. Whether the document you have is in Mandarin characters and you simply want them romanized, we are here to help.

From businesses that are producing products in Chinese to businesses that are working to make sure that they will get a higher reach, Chinese translation services have become one of the more important parts of a business in order for it to be successful. From traditional Chinese to simplified Chinese, the Chinese to English translation has become a service that almost all businesses want to experience.

Translation of Websites

Website localization is just one of the things that we can promise you. JK Translate brings website localization to those who need Chinese localization and want Chinese languages to work for them and their needs.

Many of the clients of JK Translate request Chinese to English translation. JK Translate offers Chinese translation services as well as many other translations to and from other languages as well. We can translate your website, documents or letters through an extensive network of native language speakers. Whether it is a Simplified or Traditional Chinese translator who you need, we can help you out.

Keep in mind that translation does not always have to be a word per word translation. It should cover the context and the localization of the culture and customs of the target market that you have for your business.

Leading Translation Market Agency

In the translation market, JK Translate is the leading agency. We provide support in both spoken and written English as well as any other languages in the world that you or your company may need.


From personal use to localization of websites, JK Translate can bring you exactly what you need in the Chinese language.


The translators we hire are the world’s best. The translator who will be assigned to you will provide you with the work you need in 24 hours and the results are in the native Chinese language. We provide accurate translations and accurate online translations that could bring you and your business to better heights.


Most English translation services will offer you a look back at the context of the Chinese business translation. JK Translate, as a translation company, aims to bring you services that localize based on your target.


Translations to Traditional Chinese

JK Translate also offers traditional mandarin to businesses that are looking for the right translation company.


A short history lesson is important on this part. Back in 1949, the literacy rate in China dropped to 20%. This was primarily believed to be because of the steep learning curve of learning traditional Chinese.


There are approximately 2,000 traditional characters that were modified and reduced to adopt Simplified Chinese. Today, Mainland China, Singapore, Malaysia, Taiwan, Macau, and Hongkong are using both systems but Taiwan, Macau, and Hongkong are using traditional Chinese.


Whether the companies that you will deal with or the government processor uses traditional or simplified Chinese, our translators can work with both languages.