Bylaws Translation

Translating bylaws that are needed in another language is as important as translating any other official company document. Bylaws can best be described as the guidebook of a company, profit or nonprofit, private foundation or public charity. In it the governing rules by which that company, foundation or charity operates are written down and established. In case of a corporation, first the Articles of Incorporation must be registered, then the board of directors is formed, and one of its first tasks is to create the bylaws.

Other businesses have similar rules and guidelines. For example: a partnership has a partnership agreement and a LLC has an operating agreement. The contents of these agreements are similar to bylaws.

Sworn or Certified Translation

Bylaws should be translated by a certified or sworn translator. This way you can be 100% certain that the translation is a true rendering of the original document. The sworn translator will guarantee this by giving you an attestation with their signature and seal. You don’t have to worry that the contents of the bylaws are not conveyed correctly in the target language, whether it’s the information about the shareholders or the board of directors or the general provisions.

Our official translation agency provides certified translators and sworn translators who have considerable knowledge of and experience in translating legal documents. They are native speakers of the target language, meaning they grew up in the country in question and often still live and work there. They have relevant and current knowledge of their field of expertise, and they keep up with any and all new developments. Of course, we also make sure that all your documents, legal or otherwise, are kept confidential at all times.

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  • Sworn Translations
  • Our official translation agency offers sworn translations for all language pairs. A sworn translator provides you with a literal translation as well as their signature and seal under their official attestation that the translation is an exact rendering of the original text.
  • Certified Translations
  • Our certified translation agency is an ATA corporate member. The certification of the American Translators Association is widely respected and recognized. With a certified translation you can be sure the certified translator will deliver skilled, professional, and high quality work.
  • Reasonable Rates
  • Most people think certified and sworn translations are expensive. After all, a certified or sworn translator has to study longer and take additional exams. JK Translate has an extensive network of translators, and can match a document with the best translator in that field, making the rate you pay more than reasonable.