Business translation services

Whether you need a translated document, a medical translation, a website translation, a multimedia translation, a software localization, a literal translation or any other legal documents to be translated for your business, our dedicated team is here to help you! As an official business translation agency, and a member of the American translators association, JK Translate is specialised in translating all of your business documents. We provide timely and accurate translations how, and whenever you need it!

The importance of human translation

Our certified and sworn translators ensure that your business and corporate translations are reproduced to the letter, and number, in any desired language. Because we work with native speaking translators of multiple languages, you’ll always get an accurate translation in any language.Since we don’t use machine translation, you ensure yourself of one of the best translation services in the market!

Professional business translation services

We provide a wide range of professional business translation services which helps an international business with accurate translations services for any kind of document. Translating business documents is our specialization and our professional translation company ensures quality translations and the best business translation services for any document translation in the following categories:

Agreement translations

You can entrust our legal translation agency with your agreement or contract, and we will provide the most suitable legal translator for you. An agreement is an understanding reached between two or more parties. A contract is a specific type of agreement that, by its terms and elements, is legally binding and enforceable in a court of law. Therefore, it is important that your agreement or contract is translated by an experienced professional legal translator to make sure each and every part of your business translation of a contract or agreement is understandable and distinct to prevent costly misunderstandings. Our competent professional translators work closely together with our experienced project managers to make sure that your business translation will be translated correct to the letter.

Financial translations

Running a business means dealing with financial records. In today’s global market  you might require a financial translation. As a part of our business translation services we are specialized in translating all documents of your administrative and financial management. Our certified and sworn financial translators ensure that your financial documents are reproduced to the letter, and number, in any desired language. When it comes to financial records, we understand that confidentiality is an important issue. The high level of professionalism and discretion of our financial translators as well as our staff will provide all the necessary requirements to treat your financial records confidentialy. We are here to translate all of your business documents. Of course are such documents, as annual reports and account statements, budgets, administrative and financial reports all treated confidentially. When you make use of our translation services, your business translation is always in safe hands!

Legal translation service

To translate a legal document, it’s necessary to have the skill of a legal translator, to translate and adapt your legal document for your applicable needs. A legal document can be a contract, articles of incorporation, deeds, certificates, agreements and more. Our legal translation service providers ensure that an international organization gets their legal document translated accordingly. Our translation company translates legal documents with human translators who translate in their native language and with the help of our legal experts. Furthermore, our legal translators also have experience and expertise in the legal field.Our legal translation services help international clients with certified translations and legal documents in any language.

Medical Translations

Our highly qualified certified or sworn medical translators ensure that your medical records are professionally translated into any language. Because confidentiality is so crucial to your organization and discipline, you’ll want to work with a medical translation business that treats your medical data with care. Our medical translators will make sure that everything that ought to be kept private is kept private at all times. Our medica business translation services can handle your medical reports, patient files, clinical research, and patient information leaflets for pharmaceutical products. We also assure proper terminology management when translating instructions for medical machines and devices.

website translations

Do you require a translation of your website or online store? JK Translate has a large network of qualified and sworn translators available to give you a professional and experienced translation of your website or online store in any language. Different digital laws are applied in different countries. That will be taken into account by our professional translators. They understand how critical it is to be informed of any and all legal requirements that may apply to a particular country. We can assist you with the creation of multilingual websites or any other translation project for your website. 

IT translations

You can leave any IT translation to our translation company, including software localization, translation API, desktop publishing and straker translation. When you consider a business translation for your your website, application, programs or any other digital format, make sure you make use of our business translation services. With us, you’ll have the best quality translation services you can find on the web! 

Technical translations

Are you in need for technical translations? Is your organization in need of technical translation support for your technical documents? Technical translation is another part of our business translation services. JK Translate can match your requirements with a qualified technical translator that is up to date on the latest developments and dynamics in your technological sector or manufacturing business. Our qualified and sworn technical translators are committed to staying up to date in order to give the best technical translation possible in any language. Your instruction manuals, research and development reports, and other technical papers will be professionally translated and, of course, of high quality. You can also commit your software programs, appliances, and manuals to our technical translation agency when it comes to internet technology. 

Article Translation

Are you looking for a translation of an article? JK Translate has a large network of freelance translators and can find the ideal person to translate your articles into any language. Whether the article is published in a newspaper, magazine, or online, our qualified and sworn translators will always discover the correct tone of voice for your article translation to reach your target demographic. Our dedicated project manager also considers probable language and cultural differences, ensuring clear communication rather than white noise. If necessary, our skilled translators can collaborate closely with you to achieve the finest possible outcome. Our professional translators are available at our official translation agency for a variety of purposes, including technical, legal, and medical papers.

Marketing translation

Our business translation services also contain marketing translations and we can supply certified or sworn translators for any language. As a business or an entrepreneur, your goal is to trade goods or services while making a profit. As a result, your marketing and/or sales departments are critical to your success. Corporate communications inside your department and organization, as well as communications with clients and suppliers, stakeholders, and the general public, are the foundation of your trade – no trade is possible without communication!

We understand the value of your marketing materials and papers as a marketing translation firm, whether they are for public relations, sales promotion, international client offers, or market research and reports. JK Translate is a translation agency specializing in marketing translations. Our marketing translators are happy to assist you with their specific knowledge of and experience with your source and target markets; they deliver professional and appealing high-quality marketing translations at a very competitive price.

Other translation Services

Are you in need of any other professional translation services? Do you need, for example, translations Spanish or in Chinese?  We offer a wide range of translation services for a competitive rate that you won’t find with any other translation companies. Whether you need personal translations like an application letter or a birth certificate or you’re in need of a marriage certificate, our certified translation services provide translations for any kind of document. you need our interpreting services or an urgent translation, for example, a one-hour translation, well, we are delivering quality translations how and whenever you need it! No matter what document translation you need, our translation company makes sure that translating documents by a human translator in their native language is guaranteed!

Localization services

Another part of our business translation services is translation and localization services. But what are localization services?

What are localization services?

Localization is the process of adapting documents for a foreign audience. Localization services can be extremely beneficial when it comes to marketing brochures, product information booklets, blog entries, and websites.

The capacity to translate and localize a document without changing its meaning is known as localization. We exclusively work with dedicated translators who are knowledgeable with the demands and constraints of document translation for a worldwide market because it is a skill that takes time to master.

The use of localization

Software, video games, and application translation and localization are among the most commonly requested language services these days. If you’re translating your website into a different language, you’re probably intending to reach out to people in a different country. This is where the concept of localization enters the picture. We localize your website, apps, games, and content so that anyone from anywhere may use them.Through our translation and localization solutions, we assist brands and companies all over the world to achieve their business goals and expand globally. Any company trying to enter foreign markets can benefit from our services. Furthermore, when you compare us to other translation companies, you may discover that we provide the most competitive pricing!

Private translation services

No matter what language combination, we provide both normal and sworn translation services. Our language services can translate everything you require. The list below is a brief overview of the types of papers we translate in order to give you a sense of what we do. We can provide you with a certified translation of your:

Please click here to view more examples of translations we offer. Besides our translation services we also provide additional services such as any legalization of documents by sworn interpreters.

Other language services

We’d like to cater to your every – language-related – demand as a professional translation agency. We have translators and certified translators (also known as sworn translators) on hand to provide regular and sworn/certified translations in any language combination, e.g from English to Dutch. Private individuals, as well as small and major organizations, are among our clients. Professional, high-quality translations and certified (or sworn) translations are provided by all of our translators and certified translators.

One hour translation

As a certified translation agency, we value clarity and accuracy while at the same time providing rapid and affordable translations. We can provide one-hour translations in case of need or urgency whether it’s an enterprise translation or a personal translation. Our one-hour translation services  just as reliable!


In addition to supplying translators, we can also arrange for sworn or qualified interpreters for a variety of occasions. When you need to be absolutely certain that there is no white noise between you and the person(s) at the other end of the table, our interpreters are pleased to help. This could happen during (commercial) talks, the purchase or sale of a residence, or the reading of a notarial document. These are significant life moments that necessitate crystal-clear communication in all languages. 

Fair rates

We charge a minimum of €199 depending on the time and location. The scenarios listed above are just a few examples of when an interpreter could be useful. Our licensed translation agency’s interpreters will accurately and unmistakably convey your message. Do you want to hire one of our sworn or qualified interpreters? Please contact us and we will send you a free quote for these services.

Why use professional translation services?

JK Translation is specialized in business translation services, but we can be put on any translation project. Because we work with human translators, our business translation services are guaranteed accurate translations, this in contrast to a machine translation. No matter how close AI or programs as Google translate get to business translations, a native speaker can always tell the difference. For this reason, accurate translations are preferred above translation automation by, for example, an international business. Translation services provided by native translators do not only translate word for word but also know how to make an article, document, website or business translation sound natural and professional, ready for the international market.


Our translators and certified translators have branch-specific language skills to ensure their translation is tailor-made for you, for your business, and your market. Of course, will our translators, certified translators, and our employees combine absolute discretion with the utmost confidentiality when it comes to your documents and data.


The translation process is guided by our professional and experienced project managers who oversee your document translation from the beginning to the end. When you make use of our business translation services for the international market, you make sure that all of your official documents are being stoked from any language barrier. 

Competitive rates

Working with JK Translate means choosing one of the best business translation services. But our translation company not only guarantees accurate translation services, but also competitive rates. Have a look at our rates or calculate the price of your business translation here! 

A dynamic and committed team

Each day the members of the team of our translation company are committed to do their best work for its clients. We consider a job done when the client is 100% satisfied with our translation service. Depending on the wishes and needs of the client we dive right in and meet the deadline we agreed upon or handle changing situations and due dates with ease. In addition to normal office hours you can also reach us in the evening and weekend. Our extensive language services guarantee that all translation services are carried out in the best possible way. 

Competitive rates  

JK Translate only employs sworn (professional) translators. Professionals who work with language on a daily basis. Increased quality control is an option if you want an extra quality check and better security. We hand-pick the best translator for each job, personally and exclusively for you. People with a wide range of expertise and skills in your sector, from legal to financial, as well as medical and entertainment, but who are also skilled in translation services for application letters and resumes.

Our rates are determined by a number of factors, including the source and target languages, delivery time, word count, experience, and more. For each project, a unique quotation is created. 

Calculate your costs

You can use our calculator to get a rough estimate of the costs. If necessary, we can have your documents legalized at a court or consular service center. As a result, our translation services are focused on quality. We speak your language!

Get in touch!

If you want to make use of the best translation services in the market, please feel free to contact us. We will tell you all about our professional translation services and find a solution for any translated document in any language. Whether you looking for business translation services or a private translation service, we are here to help you!  


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  • Competitive prices
  • Due to our large group of professional translators, we can translate your text at a competitive rate. The prices further depend on the length of the text, the translation combination, the scheduled delivery date and the level of difficulty.
  • Certified and regular
  • As a translation agency, we provide certified and regular translations in all translation combinations. Our large group of translators enables us to provide translations in all subject matters.
  • Certified/Sworn translation
  • The certified translation consists of three elements connected to each other:
    1. the certified translation
    2. the original document (often a scan)
    3. a stamped and signed declaration from the translator