Birth Certificate Translation Service

You searched for birth certificate translation. JK Translate works with a wide range of freelance certified and sworn translators for any language you may need. A birth certificate is an official document, and this is how our experienced translators will treat it. They will translate this proof of your birth or that of your children or other family members competently and with the care and diligence it deserves. To learn more about our translators and their very reasonable rates and to get a free quote, please contact us during or outside office hours.

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  • We can translate your document at a competitive price. The prices further depends on the word count, the number of pages and the language pair.
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  • Certified/Sworn translation
  • The translation consists of three parts:
    1. the translation
    2. the original document (often a scan)
    3. a stamped and signed declaration from the translator/translation agency

Birth Certificate Translation Services

Whether a sworn translation of a birth certificate is needed depends on the specific requirements of the organization or authority that is requesting the document.
In some cases, a certified translation of the birth certificate may be sufficient. A certified translation is a translation that is accompanied by a signed statement from the translator agency attesting to the accuracy of the translation and their qualifications.

However, in other cases, a sworn translation may be required. A sworn translation is a translation that is signed and stamped by a sworn translator who has been authorized by a court or government agency to provide sworn translations. In some countries, a sworn translation is required for official documents such as birth certificates, and failure to provide a sworn translation may result in the document being rejected. JK Translate can offer both options so that our sworn translation or certified translation of your birth certificate will be accepted.
It’s important to check with the specific organization or authority requesting the birth certificate to determine their requirements for a certified or sworn translation. This will ensure that the translation meets their specific needs and requirements.

Birth Certificate Legal Translation

A birth certificate may require a legal translation when it needs to be presented as a legal document in a foreign country or to a foreign government authority.
For example, if a person is applying for a visa or citizenship in a foreign country, they may be required to provide a certified translation of their birth certificate in the language of the country where they are applying. In this case, the translation needs to be certified by a professional translator who attests to the accuracy of the translation and their qualifications.
Additionally, if a person is involved in a legal proceeding, such as an adoption or immigration case, the birth certificate may need to be translated for the court or government agency handling the case.