Translation Articles of Incorporation | Articles of Association

Translating articles of incorporation, also known as articles of association, certificate of incorporation or corporate charter, should be a priority for international corporations. When you start a business and decide to incorporate, there are a thousand things you need to consider and arrange. The translation of the articles of incorporation may take a backseat due to lack of time. Your lawyer will file the articles of incorporation which then will become a public record. This document contains, amongst others, the regulations concerning the organization of your company and its name and purpose. Over the next months or maybe even years the translation of this important legal document may be delayed or even forgotten.

If your company is set up to be international or do business abroad, you should make sure a translation of your articles of incorporation is available. It is prudent to choose a legal translator who is experienced in translating legal documents. Legal translators often are certified or sworn translators, and we advise you to select a certified or sworn translator for the translation of your articles of incorporation. If you don’t want the hassle of searching for the right translator yourself, just give us a call or send us an email, and we provide you with a quote and the translator who is best equipped to translate your document.

Certified Translation or Signature and Seal of a Sworn Translator

You may think that a certified or sworn translation is expensive and therefore opt for a regular translation. At JK Translate that is not necessary. Most of our sworn translators specialize in certain fields of expertise or disciplines and will deliver a professional sworn translation at a keen price and, of course, accompanied by their attestation containing their signature and seal.

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  • Sworn Translations
  • Our official translation agency offers sworn translations for all language pairs. A sworn translator provides you with a literal translation as well as their signature and seal under their official statement that the translation is an exact rendering of the original text.
  • Certified Translations
  • Our certified translation agency is an ATA corporate member. The certification of the American Translators Association is widely respected and recognized. With a certified translation you can be sure the certified translator will deliver skilled, professional, and high quality work.
  • Reasonable Rates
  • Most people think certified and sworn translations are expensive. After all, a certified or sworn translator has to study longer and take additional exams. JK Translate has an extensive network of translators and can match a document with the best translator in that field, making the rate you pay more than reasonable.