Article translation

Are you looking for an article translation? JK Translate offers a wide range of freelance translators and can provide the right translator for your article in any language. Our certified and sworn translators will always find the right tone of voice for your article translation to reach your target group, whether the article is published in a newspaper or magazine or online. They also take into account possible language and cultural differences and make sure there  is no white noise but clear communication. If required, our experienced translators can work together closely with you to get the best possible result. For, amongst others, scientific, legal or medical articles professional sworn translators are at your disposal here at our official translation agency. Would you like to know more? Contact us today to get a free quote.

  • Competitive prices
  • Due to our large group of professional translators, we can translate your text at a competitive rate. The prices further depend on the length of the text, the translation combination, the scheduled delivery date and the level of difficulty.
  • Certified and regular
  • As a translation agency, we provide certified and regular translations in all translation combinations. Our large group of translators enables us to provide translations in all subject matters.
  • Certified/Sworn translation
  • The certified translation consists of three elements connected to each other:
    1. the certified translation
    2. the original document (often a scan)
    3. a stamped and signed declaration from the translator

Purpose for an article translation

There are several reasons why someone might want to translate an article from one language to another. Here are a few examples:

Reach a broader audience

If you have written an article in one language and want to reach a wider audience, translating it into another language can help you do so. This is especially important if your article is about a topic that is relevant to people in different parts of the world.

Share information across borders

Translating an article can be useful when you want to share information or knowledge across borders. For example, if you have written a research article in one language, translating it into another language can help researchers in other countries access and learn from your work.

Foster cultural understanding

Translating an article can be a way to promote cultural understanding and bridge language barriers. When an article is translated into multiple languages, it can help people from different cultures and backgrounds learn from each other and gain a deeper appreciation for each other’s perspectives.

Provide customer support

If you run a business that operates in multiple countries, translating articles related to your products or services can be a way to provide customer support to people who speak different languages. This can help you build stronger relationships with your customers and expand your reach.

Overall, translating an article can be a valuable way to share information, connect with people from different cultures, and reach a wider audience.